Recommended Reading


The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook
By Edmund J. Bourne, Ph.D.
Beyond Anxiety & Phobia
By Edmund J. Bourne, Ph. D.


Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy
By John Boik
Naturally There’s Hope
By Dr. Neil McKinney, ND

Children’s Health

Healing the Hyperactive Brain>
By Micheal Lyons
Dr. Hoffer’s Guide to Natural Nutrition for Children
By Dr. Abram Hoffer


Breaking the Vicious Cycle
By Elaine Gottschall
Eat Right for Your Blood Type
By Dr. Peter D’Adamo
Eating Alive: Prevention through Good Digestion
By Dr. John Matsen
Healing with Whole Foods
By Paul Pritchard

Natural Medicine (General)

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
By Micheal Murrey and Joe Pizzorno


Feeding the Whole Family
By Cynthia Lair

Women’s Health

The Wisdom of Menopause
By Christine Northrup