A Book Review by Dr. Susan Steeves B.Sc. Dietetics, N.D.

As the newest member of the New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic, I thought I would introduce myself through a series of book reviews on the latest popular health books. Recently, I wrote an in-house review on Food Rules: an Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan (stop by the clinic for a peek at the book). This is a delightfully illustrated book bringing common sense food rules to our tables. Many readers around the country wrote into Micheal Pollan to share their favorite food rules they had grown up with. Let me share a few:

Rule #26- Consider swapping the traditional portion sizes at your meals: instead of an 8 oz steak and 4 oz of vegetables, serve 4 oz steak and 8oz of veggies. Simply put, you have increased your intake of antioxidants and decreased your intake of fatty acids which lead to inflammation and pain.

Rule #57- If you aren’t hungry enough to eat an apple, you probably aren’t hungry. Often we reach for food out of habit or boredom; next time you reach for a snack think of the apple rule- you will either eat a nutritious apple or save yourself a few unnecessary calories.

Our family rule- Keep a wide based candle on the dinner table; take turns having family members light it. This signifies the start of family time thus allowing us to switch from sympathetic flight or fright mode to parasympathetic rest and digest mode.

If you have any food rules you would like to share, please write me at drsusansteeves@gmail.com. I hope to send them out in future newsletters with my take on how each rule affects our health.

January’s Review: Wheat Bellies by William Davis M.D.

IF you have any books you would like considered for review, please drop me an email atdrsusansteeves@gmail.com or bring it in at your next appointment.
In health,
Dr Susan Steeves