Acupuncture is a system of healing that has developed over the last 3000 years. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 12 main and 8 secondary pathways on the human body called meridians which conduct the flow of energy, or chi (pronounced “chee”). These meridians connect over 2000 acupuncture points.

By stimulating these points, acupuncturists can balance the body, regulating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body that are influenced by yin and yan—opposing forces that, when balanced, will work together with the unblocked flow of chi to help the body achieve and maintain optimum health.

At A New Leaf we use only stainless steel disposable needles so there is no risk of infection. The procedure is relatively painless, with small round tipped needles being inserted into various acupuncture point sites. A typical acupuncture appointment usually lasts about 20 minutes.