Dr. Johanna Brouwer, ND

My desire is for my patients to be empowered by their health, through knowledge and self-care, and to not be limited by a diagnosis.

I had a roundabout journey of discovering naturopathic medicine – through exposure as an EMT, a medical caseworker for refugees, and travels through Tanzania and Ecuador, I quickly realized the limitations of conventional medicine. What ultimately inspired me were my studies in public health in Ecuador, where I had the chance to discover how rural communities depend on certain herbs and plants for common ailments. I knew that health and wellness had to exist beyond just a diagnosis and pharmaceutical treatment. I wanted to know more and wanted to be involved in a type of medical care that treated a person instead of a disease, and focused on preventive care. So when my mother started seeing a Naturopathic Physician and I had a chance to discuss my own questions with her ND, I felt like I had finally found a place in the medical field that I could truly stand behind.

I love to treat the whole family, focusing on the role of digestion as the gateway to health. I am passionate about treating women’s hormones in all stages of life – my goal is for patients to feel educated and empowered about their bodies.

For more information, see my website at drjohannabrouwer.com

Credentials & Training:

  • BA in Biology at Houghton College
  • College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia member (CNPBC)
  • British Columbia Naturopathic Association member (BCNA)
  • Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND)
  • Certificate in Immunization
  • Prescribing Authority