Heart Facts

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Does your heart medications change your risk factors?

Does your RISK FACTORS for heart disease return to normal if your medications bring your blood pressure or Cholesterol back to normal?

At a New Leaf Naturopathic Clinic, our professional doctors see many patients that are taking medications for heart disease. These maybe blood pressure, diabetic/and or cholesterol lowering medications. You do not need to take these medications to feel better, you take them to ward off a heart attack. There is a common misconception that these medications are completely managing your cardiovascular risk. This is not the case. Just because you are taking a medication that brings your blood pressure back to normal, doesn’t mean your risk goes back to normal. Did you realize this? A Medically controlled blood pressure is not the same as having a normal blood pressure.

Since there is no quick fix, in order to better decrease your cardiovascular risk, it is important to get to the root of the problem. At A New Leaf, we have responded to our patients needs by offering a Cardiovascular Assessment to find out your ACTUAL RISK FACTORS. In order to do this we will preform the following.

A Simple blood test to check:

  • Cholesterol levels (total, HDL,LDL)
  • Fasting Glucose (current blood glucose level)
  • HbA1c (looks at the blood sugar level over the past 90 days)
  • Hs-CRP (looks for inflammatory risk for heart disease)

In addition, we will preform:

  • ECG (assesses the electrical and muscular function of the heart)
  • Blood pressure(assessmsnet for hypertention)
  • Height, Weight and abdominal circumfrance

This information will provide us with both your 10 year risk and life time risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

After completeing your cardiovascular assessment the doctor will provide the following recommendations:

  • Treatment plans for current risk factors
  • Suggestions for practical lifestyle changes to ward of any emerging conditions

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