Holiday Hints

Here are a few hints to help you make it through the holidays.

1. HOLIDAY DIGESTION: During the holiday season, over-eating is all too common…resulting in uncomfortable gas and bloating;even bowel changes.

The holiday season is based on tradition so why not bring back an often forgotten tradition: BITTERS

Before meals in Britain, one may sip on Gin and Tonic; In Italy, a taste of Cinzano or Compari or a more healthful tradition, bitter salads before meals. Bitters ramp up the digestive system to help us digest our food. This one step alone can make a difference between an enjoyable evening of dining or a long evening of indigestion. Bitters can be consumed as a convenient tincture. Come in and ask about our DIGESTIVE TINCTURE for the holiday season.

2. Eminence:We are pleased to say that we are the only Naturopathic office to carry eminence organic skin care line. Come and experience what Hungarian Beauties and international celebrities of all ages have known for over half a century- you can have beautiful skin by having an organic skin regime and maintaining a natural diet. We have several new lines of Eminence we well as the original stand-by lines that have been around for years and are still very popular.

3. We are excited to announce that we will be having Dr. Jennifer Cham BA, BSN, ND join our office in January. She comes to us from Pemberton with a focus on sports medicine and physical injury. She does accupuncture, prolotherapy, neural therapy and PRP. Check out our website for more information.


Please note our holiday hours:

Dec. 24th Closed

Dec 25th: Closed

Dec 26th: Closed

Dec 27th: Open 8-5

Dec 28th: 8-2

Dec 29th – Dec 1st Closed

January 2nd Back to regular office hours.

Wishing everyone a Health and Happiness during the Holiday Season!