Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a nervous system regulation therapy effective in treating a wide variety of conditions by using injections into nerve sites, acupuncture points, scars, muscle trigger points and other tissues to relieve pain and dysfunction throughout the body.

The more common conditions that benefit from neural therapy include: back and neck pain, posttraumatic conditions, chronic pain from whiplash and head injury, joint pain, muscle pain, and athletic injuries. Jaw and head pain, post-surgical pain (including dental), digestive disturbances, sinusitis, hypothyroid, muscle injuries, organ dysfunctions and scar disturbances also benefit from neural therapy.

In order for the body to function properly nerves need to flow freely. The nervous system controls all unconscious body functions from blood flow to perspiration. If nerves are not flowing properly the function of the entire body is affected leading to pain, disability, and disease. Neural therapy unblocks the interference to normal functioning by using very specific injections into the areas of disturbance. The injections contain sterile homeopathic medicines and/or a local anesthetic such as procaine. The sites of injection are determined by your history of trauma and surgery, location of symptoms, autonomic patterns or through applied kinesiology methods. In neural therapy the intention is not to anaesthetize or numb the nerve, but rather to change the membrane potential temporarily, with the expectation that when the anesthetic wears off, the membrane charges and nerve function will return to normal.