Dr. Hartman’s Top 5 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain Over the Holidays

We are in that time of year where family get togethers are frequent, large celebratory meals are commonplace and parties are never-ending. Due to the overindulgence at this time, it is often said that people gain between seven to ten pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years!

You don’t have to become a statistic this winter if you make some smart moves this Holiday Season. Below you will find my top five tips to preventing weight gain during this wonderful time of the year:

  1. Bring an appetizer or dessert to your holiday parties. The appetizer buffet at holiday parties is often full of savoury pastries and fried foods and the dessert table is often loaded with decadent treats that pack a powerful punch in the calorie department. You will be inclined to eat these foods and load in a couple extra thousand calories a day except if you bring your own healthier snacks to indulge in. Vegetable platters with hummus, edamame or chips and salsa are fantastic low-calorie alternatives for appetizers and a fruit platter is a nice sweet finish to your meal to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  2. Step away from the buffet. If you stand by the buffet table, you will be much more likely to graze throughout the evening. Instead, grab an appetizer plate and load it up with your favourite healthier snacks and then step away from the table and engage in conversation elsewhere.
  3. Be cautious of your alcohol consumption. Many people don’t realize how quickly the calories add up when drinking alcohol. Just one 6-ounce glass of wine has about 150 calories and these calories can add up quite easily throughout the evening. When out at an event, try to limit yourself to one or two drinks and choose low-calorie drinks when possible. For example, a 1 ounce vodka with soda is only 65 calories versus 250 calories in a rum and eggnog.
  4. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. People who do not eat breakfast are 450% more likely to be overweight or obese. It is a busy time of the year and people will find themselves running around a lot. If you forget to eat breakfast, you will be more likely to get hungry throughout the day and pick up whatever is available and easy to eat on the go.
  5. Lastly, ensure your thyroid is working optimally. If you are one of those people who gain weight by just looking at food, you may want to get a full thyroid panel done by your naturopath. Our thyroids are the metabolic centres of our body and if yours is a bit sluggish, you may have a harder time over the Christmas holidays than other people. Our thyroid panels check not only TSH, but also your active thyroid hormones, T4 and T3.

If the holiday pounds still find their way on to your hips, you may want to speak to Dr. Hartman about her Rapid Weight Loss Program in the new year. January is a fantastic time to reach your healthy weight goals! In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck in preventing that holiday weight gain!

Yours in health,

To get you started, here is one of my favourite appetizers that is so refreshing and always a hit. Best of all, it’s only about 75 calories a serving!