Spinal Adjustments

Many people think of “getting adjusted” when they are feeling lower back or neck discomfort. While spinal manipulation is often helpful in cases of back pain, it is not the only time to consider manipulation. Pain is often a final result of long standing spinal dysfunction in which mobility of segments is restricted. Most people who can benefit from this therapy are presently feeling no symptoms whatsoever, that is, until they attempt some form of strenuous activity in which this “symptom free” restricted segment rears its ugly head.

The most overlooked benefit to manipulation is the nervous system benefits. Manipulation improves nervous function for the whole body, allowing for better regulation of digestion, organ function and overall stress reduction. While not a stand alone treatment for many diseases, it can play an important part for people who wish to achieve optimal wellness and health.

Naturopathic physicians are trained in spinal and extremity manipulation. People who are not candidates for manipulation are those diagnosed with severe arthritis or osteoporosis, cancer and those who have had surgeries in which the joint has been fused. In such cases, your Naturopathic physician will consider alternatives to such treatment.