What are the benefits of saliva hormone testing?

Saliva hormone testing is most useful for uncovering hormone imbalance. For example: discovering a woman has insufficient progesterone to balance high estradiol levels or; that high cortisol levels are interfering with the action of progesterone and testosterone. Once a hormone imbalance has been uncovered, nutritional or bio-identical hormone therapy can be instituted.

Saliva testing can also be used to approximate whether hormone levels are too high or too low as a result of supplementation, but the actual dosage adjustment will still be symptom driven. In other words, if hormone levels are above range, a dosage reduction may be indicated, but the practitioner must make his or her best estimation as to the dosage adjustment needed, and carefully monitor patient symptoms to ensure that adjustments are reasonable.

Saliva collection is painless and more convenient for the patient, particularly when multiple samples are required.